1 year of WordPress

How is it going on? What is my resume of my blog so far and what is my goal for next year???


Boost your productivity in 5 easy steps

You have trouble with time management and procrastination? Here are 5 tipps that make success a promise. Because your problem is not really a problem, it's just a mental block.

Grrrl power at AVON Frauenlauf

Today I ran 10k at the Avon Frauenlauf. This is a race only for girls, since it is for charity and supports people with breast cancer. Actually I find it kind of strange to exclude men from the race, because they can have breast cancer too, believe it or not. Our society just doesn't seem... Continue Reading →

Why I believe in destiny

There is a saying, "You are always at the right place at the right time". This is really true, as well as the further saying: "Everything happens for a reason". This is a very personal and emotional story of mine. It has to do with my attempts and failures to run my first marathon, but... Continue Reading →

Write better!

Are you writing a story? Or even a book? Well here is some adivice for you to create a tremendously interessting story. But firstly I'd like to recommend you reading my article about "How to write a book systematically", to give you an impression about how effective writing could also work for you. But now... Continue Reading →

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