How to easily run your first marathon within a year

Hey readers!

I’d like to start my blog with giving advice on “how to run a marathon”. I have successfully finished my first one last year. Believe me if I tell you, it’s not even that difficult! Before you go out the door and start running, you should do and think about some things. Firstly you should make a commitment and write it down: “I will run a marathon, within a year”. Hang the paper on your wall, or have it in your diary, where you can see it every day. Believing you can, is the first step towards success.

Secondly you should search the internet and look for a Marathon you want to run and register. If you want to run the Berlin Marathon, like I did, you also need a lot of luck to get “chosen”. This is because a lot of people apply for this marathon, but only 42% will be having the chance to run. But a marathon like this is usually the exception, normally you can register immediately and you’re in! The marathon you choose should be about a year in the future. I would advice you to choose either one in autumn or spring, for in winter it’s too cold and in summer… well you know what I’m trying to say.

To run a marathon, you also don’t have to go out an run every day. Twice a week will make it, within the first six months of training. In these two training sessions you should run at least 6km, which takes about 40 minutes. Choose a flat ground and definitely go outside. You can also run on a treadmill, but it pretty sure gets boring pretty soon, since you never see anything new, staying in the same room.

By doing your training, you should at least try to run more every two or three weeks, for example on sunday. In about the fifth month you should be able to run about 12 to 14 km. Later on, in about the seventh or eighth month you should try to run three times a week and aim a higher running time on one of the days.

When training for a marathon you should NEVER try to run fast, for trying to make a training effective, instead you should try to run slow and for a longer time. I have NEVER run too fast, or in intervals (which means running fast and slow for a certain time). I have always just steadily run my own pace, and it was all good.

Within the last two months, there will be a lot of training to do. Some say, you should run about four times a week. I tried this for about two or three weeks and it didn’t work out, since I had very long runs on the weekends (15, 17, 20, 22, 25, 27 and 30km). Because of that, I always needed about two days off. Just like I never ran the next day, after a training.

Within the last two months, or better a little time before, you should run you first official half marathon. It’s extremely important to do some training in running official street runs with others, to know the procedure, the rules and to learn that drinking, while running, is nearby impossible. It doesn’t matter, how many street runs you do, before running a marathon. Just make sure, the Marathon isn’t your first. You could miss some rules and get disqualified.

If you have questions leave them in the comments. Subscribe to my blog for further advice on how to run you first marathon easily and I hope I could motivate you, trying to achieve your goal!

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