Trying brush lettering

Were we go. There are pretty sure a lot of people out there, that are very patient. As I’m saying this, you probably have guessed, that I’m none of them. This is especially something you need, when you try to learn something new, like “brush lettering”. Which I consider making your hand writing into something artsy and beautiful.

So, how did I get to brush lettering? – To be honest, it seems like it’s almost everywhere, whether it be on pinterest, tumblr, weheartit or whoknowswhat. Thinking it’s quite nice, I decided to give it a try.

I have this “brush lettering guide” from a German website, called (this is not for commercial reasons, I get no money for this) It’s quite helpful and looks a little like the notebooks from primary school, with whom you practise writing. Do you remember these? – Yes? What a nostalgic moment, isn’t it?

I consider it not being too difficult, but if you’re chronically impatient like I am, it can be. Since my goal is to write some really cool quotes, I can publish on one or two of the websites called above. To be honest, I haven’t practised that much, yet. But I think, the results already look quite good. So stay tuned for more! I also hope that I could inspire some of you impatient people out there!




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