Finishing and publishing my first book!

Hey folks!

I’ve been working on a book for about a year an four months now! I wrote the last word a week ago, so yes! – it is finished. By now I’m still edititing it and I’m trying to make it sound a little better. I’m so proud I wrote 130 A4 pages, which will end up being about 300+ bookpages. This is amazing, since this was my goal, when I first started!

I don’t know how I’m going to publish it, yet. But as soon as I’ll have finished the editing, and wiritng the exposé, I’ll send it to as many publishers as possible. Because I want to have a real book, consisting out of real paper. But since I’m an unknown writer, this might get a little tricky. The second step would be sending it to e-Book publishers. I could also live with that, because I’m not gonna stop writing! This is only the start!

By now, you probably want to know, what the book is about. Right? – It will be a phantasy story about a little girl. As I wrote it, I wanted the audience to be young teenagers, for I loved reading when I was a teen and I especially loved phantasy books. But this book is not necessarily written only for teens (and it’s also not a love story!). I’d really love adults to read it, too. Maybe also young adults alike me, which still have the inner child inside them. People that have some kind of a “Peter Pan Syndrom”, the kind of “I-want-to-stay-young-forever-Syndrom”.

As a teen I loved reading books by Christoph Marzi (Lycidas, Lillith, Lumen, Somnia, …), but also of ’cause, and how could it be otherwise: Harry Potter. But psssst! That’s an Insidertipp! … My book is by the way, not alike Harry Potter, nor the other books I mentioned, for my female protagonist will travel alone a lot, but she also will have a very special companion… I don’t want to spoil too much.

I also need to mention that the book is written in German, for this is my mother tongue. I don’t know if it will ever be translated, since I don’t even know how I’m going to publish it. But here is the good news: It will be published! There are a lot of possibilities, to publish it yourself as an e-Book, without anyone choosing your writing.

So follow me to stay updated, because I will pretty sure keep you up with the process and when I however publish it, you’ll find a link here. Stay curious!

PS.: If you have some advice for me, like websites, where i can publish my book, or anything else helpful, please write me!




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