If you follow my blog you probably know, that I have run my fist marathon last year – the Berlin Marathon. Soon after that big success, I had also run an official 10km run under 1 hour. All my running goals achieved (so far)!

So I decided to register for the Berlin half marathon on April 2nd this year, because I didn’t want to stop running, yet. The plan sounded amazing by that time, but in winter I had lost motivation and by then it felt like the worst idea ever!

As the weather got better, my motivation came back along with it. But I still don’t have the feeling of having done enough training, even though I ran 18km a couple of weeks ago. That’s almost a half marathon!

Somehow I think that I am still in a good shape from the amount of training I did last year and I’m probably going to make it! I’m already kind of excited for the race.

Last year I had run another half marathon in Berlin. It was not as official as this one and later in the year. It didn’t take place in the known streets of Berlin, but in a kiez that was further away.

The run had been amazing, even though it was extremly hot – over 30°C. My racing time was about 2h 17. Of cause I hope to get better this time, but since I lacked training, I’m not sure about it.

The time doesn’t matter any way. I just want to finish! 😀


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