Write better!

Are you writing a story? Or even a book? Well here is some adivice for you to create a tremendously interessting story. But firstly I’d like to recommend you reading my article about “How to write a book systematically”, to give you an impression about how effective writing could also work for you. But now back to the topic:

The antagonists are most likely not the first charakers you’ll think about, instead you’ll probably think about the heroes of your story, the protagonists. Whatever story you write, it has always everything to do with the things you have seen and experieced in your life. So it will most likely be the case, that your antagonist is alike person or another charater of a story you already know.

Are you shocked? – There is a saying that we are all made up of storys we have seen, heard or experienced. And I’ve got to say, that there is nothing bad about it! As you “create” new a charakter,  make it a mix of charakteristics of different charakters and persons you know. Make sure they don’t do the exact same things like they do. This also counts for your hero – be sure you don’t write about yourself! 😉

For writing a story, your hero needs a goal. This is where the antagonists come to play. Their work is to make reaching this goal almost impossible. So make them clever characters! Because nobody wants to read about stupid villans, that are beat with nothing – except you’re writing comedy.

Make your protagoist face one worst case scenario after another. Put them in dirt, break their bones, their hearts, everything. Ruin them. Because only then, they’ll end up as a hero, withstanding all of the obstacles on their way to reaching their goal. Make them find different ways to reach it and make sure, they take the longest way to success.

This probably sounds extreme, but this is how storys are written. Not all storys of cause, but a lot of them. I hope this article helped you writing! If you want to get inspired by a similar movie concerning this topic, I’d recommend you watching “Kill Your Darlings”, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Dane Dehaan. But most importantly: Have fun writing! 😀





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