Grrrl power at AVON Frauenlauf

Today I ran 10k at the Avon Frauenlauf. This is a race only for girls, since it is for charity and supports people with breast cancer. Actually I find it kind of strange to exclude men from the race, because they can have breast cancer too, believe it or not. Our society just doesn’t seem to want to hear such things, since “only girls have breasts”. No. Men have them too. 😉

But now back to topic. The run is sponsored by Avon, Adidas and Karstadt Sports (not only these), which give you an amazing looking shirt for free, to produce a feeling of unity while the race. I really felt the girl power, having all of them wearing such a wonderful girlish color.


When I was younger I used to hate pinkish, girlish stuff, but now I embrace it, because it is a blessing, that girls can wear them without being accused of being homosexual (don’t get me wrong -> gay is okay! ). I also know some men that embrace this color and they are not homosexual, but very confident. I think, same as for the run, the colors should be for both genders.

The run itself took place at Tiergarten Berlin. It is located in the center of Berlin and kind of symbolizes its green lungs (or maybe that’s just my assumption ;)). The weather was quite good today, maybe a little too cloudy, but not to warm. I’m not even sad about that, because yesterdays it was over 30°C – no weather to run at all!

While the other racers, like 10k walkers, 5k runners and walkers and so on started early, the 10k running race was the last one. It started at 18pm. After that, you were given a goody bag, with a lot of stuff from Avon and a nice medal. I really enjoyed the race, the weather and the people! And by the way, I ran my new personal best: 00:57:34!!! 😀






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