Haters gonna Hate??! – or worse!

About everyone knows this sentence. But what does it really mean? – Well most likely that jealous people will keep on being jealous people, trying to ruin happy, successful and content people. But what if the hate you get is among a bit of bullying, what if it is more than just some mean comments? What if these people actually try to ruin you and your social life, your job and your joy? What if you don’t really know why exactly these people hate you? What if these people were former friends? In the last case, I’ll have to tell you: They were never you friends. They were frenemies. If someone hates you they most likely hate you since the beginning.

If you google things like “Why do people hate me?” or “Why do people bully?” you mostly get the answer: “Because they are jealous.”. For me this was hard to detect. Luckily I don’t really feel jealousy. I was raised not to compare myself to others. If I came up with things like “But they have… are allowed to… and so on”, I was being told, “But that’s not you. Who cares what they have or do. It doesn’t matter.” So I learned to not look at grass, that appeared greener on the other side of the fence.

By the way, there is two ways of feeling jealous, or even worse: envy, which is rather what we were talking about in the first place. You can either feel bad, because someone has or can do something that you don’t, which is envy in a negative way, or you can feel empowered to reach for the same, which is of ’cause positive envy.

While I was having a hard time, trying to detect what my haters problem was, the hate got way worse. (I don’t want to get to personal here, so I’ll spare you the horrors.) Their envy was waaaay beyond normal. So I came to the conclusion, that these people, that I used to call my closest friends, were not people at all. They wanted to see me suffer, or even die. I WAS DEALING WITH NARCISSISTS!

Usually you are being taught, that when someone is jealous, it’s a compliment, because they think you are better. But I can tell you it’s way less of “prize” you want to have, if they try everything to put you down, no matter how cruel, or disgusting. The Narcissist knows no empathy!

So, If you are like me, I’d first would recommend you this video (and all of the other videos made on the channel.), by “Truly Free Me”: WHY THE NARCISSIST IS SO JEALOUS

Furthermore, become as educated as possible! Here are some other social media sites that could help you:

If you escape and find new people, make sure they know about the abuse you faced, so the narcissists have no chance of infiltrating your new life. (believe me they’ll try!!!) Find people that believe and support you! You can live the happy and free life you deserve! Take care!







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