How to write a book systematically

This is probably the dream of many, to write a book once in a lifetime. But since most people think it was difficult to do so, many don't even start. There are also the other ones, that start but don't finish, whether it be in the middle of the story, because they find no end,... Continue Reading →


Finishing and publishing my first book!

Hey folks! I've been working on a book for about a year an four months now! I wrote the last word a week ago, so yes! - it is finished. By now I'm still edititing it and I'm trying to make it sound a little better. I'm so proud I wrote 130 A4 pages, which... Continue Reading →

Trying brush lettering

Were we go. There are pretty sure a lot of people out there, that are very patient. As I'm saying this, you probably have guessed, that I'm none of them. This is especially something you need, when you try to learn something new, like "brush lettering". Which I consider making your hand writing into something... Continue Reading →


Hello folks, I'm Laura and with this, I want to enter the world of blogging. On my blog you'll find differen't topics that are concerning my "lifestyle", as well as posts, where I just want to share some thoughts and photos with you. I hope you'll have just as much fun with this, as I... Continue Reading →

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